You LOSE by NOT trying ... Here is how to GO FOR IT

Jonny Jackson

One thing that this current business environment is teaching us, it is that eras are finite, automation has become a must-have for Enterprises, Businesses, and sad to say, even for romantic partners for lonely men, turning to AI girlfriends. Far be it from me, Jonathan Jackson to judge anyone, as the Man in the mirror, me, is an incredibly flawed being. Full of mistakes. But also victories.

Also, I find that this moment of uncertainty is not a NEW THING for the true grinders. Those of us who have put in sweat in the halls of effort and enjooyed the sweet reward of a successful campaign, project, or event. We are used to finding a way, we have a direction and the experience of adversity, to give peace during trying times. So know this when I say it, you LOSE by not even trying.

3 things to do to always remain on your goal, even if jobs aren't hiring you or sales are plummeting, phone is cut off, mortgage on the building is due and customers are requesting refunds or offboarding your web app.

Celebrate Your Winners

Yes, celebrate the things in your life or business that is gaining you clarity, victories and wins. Examples below

Fitness milestones
Celebrate losing weight or gaining that extra muscle.

Diet achievements
Celebrate that you put the greasy hamburger down and went with a salad. Give yourself an extra cheat side-piece, maybe pizza or a cookie. It will taste sensational.

Reviews gained
A customer or user just left your brand a great review. Write to that client/customer and personally thank them.

Leadership Wins
Celebrate the winners of your Team. Dont say stupid things like "I know we can't all be like Susan and close 1,000 deals, but we can all try." That makes Susan hit up your competition for openings and its very cornballish behavior for a C-Level executive, moreless, a decision-maker to do. The only other thing worse is reading or hearing ebonics from certain "Leaders" trying to look cool and they come off as really uneducated. Instead, celebrate Winners on your Team

Quick story:
I once lead UX Architecture for a very large tech company. The CEO used to personally come check on his field IT, Product Business and Development Team(s). This check-in was more a conversation than anything and the impression it left on me is HUGE. This is Servant-Leadership and shows COURAGE. He WENT for it.

Muscle up in WEAK areas

If your AI strategy is weak, then onboard talent that is strong in that area. It has happpened to me, but it may have been for the better, but fire people when you need to. Let them go. If their not being trainable, do not level up in their free time and are using identity politics to blackmail you into keeping them; then that person is weak and needs to go.

Embrace the Chaos with Data-Driven solutions

I want to break this down very simply when I suggest that you embrace the chaos. I want you to find opportunities in hard-to-spot areas, and leverage intelligence to multiply those opportunities, beginning with your smallest viable market. Do not run away from the chaos, or, the issues. Address it.

Do not be a punk, do not cut tail and run. The issues will still be there. Face it and use informed action to solution for this issue. If there are several issues, create a framework solution that is expandable and scalable according to your companies dynamics or your social dynamics.

But how?

Bundle common problems or keywords found in the issues, bugs, complaints from people you dated, whatever the issues you want to fix and then bucket shared terms and words.

Once you identify those shared commonalities, plot this into a quick wins chart and kick off a jam session to collaborate on ideas from your Team, on how to go about addressing possible solutions, based on what Users says or do. In the world of dating, that means your trusted friends whom are happily in loving relationships. You want to vet these clusters with experts and honest-advice-givers, not yes-people who are just lucky to "be on the team." Now is not the time for false humility. Truly humble people will be truthful because truth is healthy.

So once you have these issues in a taxonomy that makes sense, based on actual data and a Team to help you implement; go do it. You do not need to talk it over with some board, unless that is your shareholder-vibe, but other than that, go do what you said. It will feel good and make others around you, continually TRY and not give up.

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