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Jonny Jackson
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On this platform, I love to give my guests and clients, solutions that actually work. This content toc is giving you a clear path to monetization using AI as a solution. I am not prompting you to write your own GPT for now, but to embed AI into your workflow, in a practical way. So you can refer to this toc over and over again, creating a system of generating sales growth, naturally. I call it incremental-innovation. Lets jump into the toc for this AI strategy.


TOC: PDFS to Revenue Generators
1. Research - Grab your top 2 vendors or competitors whom are outperforming you in your market (no pride at this point)

2. White Papers - Download their vetted white-papers. Pay for it if you have to as it may be intellectual property. Play the game FAIR and you WIN!

3. AI - Upload those public white papers to ChatPDF.

4. Identify quick wins your Team can implement, small-medium changes that will have a recognizable positive impact on your business

5. A/B test the feature/enhancement with 5 or more participants using a rating system as well as qualitative open-ended non-leading questions

6. Incrementally innovate using the winning version A or B and profit!

Why ChatPDF

I put in lots of time on tracking down AI pdf solutions as white-papers is my go-to method for drawing quality insights from reliable sources.

UI when you first come to web application. You can drop in a pdf or browse your machine for the doc

Here are a few other reasons why I chose ChatPDF:

πŸ”’ Secured - ChatPDF secures your information in the cloud safely, and completely deletes your information when you want.

⚑️ Quick - I was up and running in less than 5 minutes.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Interface - The interface is natural, simple and very pleasant to my thought streams. Naturally the iMessage style of chatting with the AI fits wonderfully. Colleagues feel the same.

So with that, lets jump into your first step; competitive analysis research.


AI lends itself to developers whom have made very high-precision models of tuned and temperature-controlled modules. It is paramount, we are all learning, that the data going in is vetted, from a reliable source, truthful and clean data. Clean data in, clean data out. The research I want you to implement will come from two sources.

  1. Your Competitors - That are doing better than you, financially. Their winning, its your turn now.
  2. Your Markets biggest Vendors.

Research - White-papers

Great, you have winners and it is based on actual market data; meaning the financials informed your decision based on dollars spent with these companies. This is not a soft prediction, it is a hard metric. That is good. Next, you are to retain the most recent white-papers from these organizations as this holds valuable insights. You can learn to fish in the dark or fish when the suns high and the tide is low. We love outcomes in our favors in this dojo. So let us leverage their research.

Take those white-papers and have them reviewed by your team. I want you all to align that this is the right data. Not all data is created the same, there is also the requirement of timing and proximity of service to account for here. Be measured in your approach to this.

What are white papers?

Jonny says: "White papers are simply business case studies matched with recent trends to help companies share their performance during a given period of time"

Now we have the correct data, white-papers. Time to run this into the AI.

AI - ChatPDF

Next, use Chatpdf to extract top 5 key insights from the PDF/doc. You can elect to use more insights but 5 is a good starting point for now. We will be actioning on these insights by using data-fused actionable to solutions for gap opportunities.

Identify Quick wins

Next, meet with your Team on common themes found to identify Quick wins based on the analysis insights. These are quick ways your team can gain cashflow by offering these features or benefits to your customers/users. This step may require a redesign of a part of your website, a feature on your platform, a marketing campaign. 

Important: for A/B tests...

Do not redesign large parts of your website without testing the components. The more variables you test then the foggier the "winning" features will be to isolate as your tests increase in fidelity and method.

KISS method always - keep it smart and simple. This will help you quickly identify value adders while sunsetting sunken features. Yes, features can be up in the sunken place. Get out. Get those features out as quick as you can. Back to the content...

The redesign of your feature should not involve a ton of customizations that will add scope to your Teams deliverables. Incremental innovation accounts for base-hits, not home-runs. You are in a competition for your users attention, compete smartly and adjust your swing, technique according to market conditions. Do not show the whole battleship as my former teammates used to say at my former Enterprise UX client job.

It is time for A/B testing

A/B Testing

You and your Team take that feature or benefit and conduct an A/B test with 5 or more users. Screen those users to see if they’re your minimum viable market, we do not want just anyone, we only want people who are into our groove. You certainly would not ask mac users their opinion of the new tiger rig if their not gamers and their not windows-people.

What is A/B Testing?

Jonny says "When you conduct user testing with users on their opinion on the positive or negative feedback of version A of your product/service against version B of your product/service."

You can use insights from VWO or Mixpanel. I tell you what, A/B testing is the best method to rapidly gain winning ideas from actual customers, without risking capital nor market position, in short order.

A/B Testing - Quick tips

Now, when you A/B Test be sure to 

  1. Screen your users, you do not want time-wasters.
  2. Prepare questions that do not have bias. This is why AI is so powerful, bias is lowered with ai.
  3. Ask open-ended questions as this adds some qualitative analysis to your quant stuff. Have a comment boxes throughout, so you can also gain in-color insights, along with your quantitative.
  4. Use a platform like Hotjar to conduct your user research testing. 
  5. Conduct Test with 5 or more people. Only odd numbers so there is no way of tie-breaking. You want a clear winner or loser here.
  6. Have a repository. Store the insights in some type of special place in your online CRM or in some hub or even a file dedicated to β€œuser feedback”. 
  7. Discuss, or, synthesize with your Team on your shared observations. Do not over-talk, allow other voices to be hear to gain unique, diverse feedback.

You now have rich insights, actual feedback.

Incrementally innovate

Have your team incrementally build these features with a filtered, select group of beta users. You want the list of users filtered to reduce the blast radius if this idea is harmful. This way you can have it quickly turned off and sunset.

You incrementally innovate. Build those base hits then work your way to a homerun, eventually.

Gains from this method

Finally, here are your gains from this method:


β˜‘ Save money on marketing

β˜‘ Save money on hiring cold callers

β˜‘ Save money on social media marketing

β˜‘ Earn more revenue 

β˜‘ Attract more clients

I am looking forward to hearing about your new revenue generator for your business and your family. It is ever my goal to bring you actual value not hype.

If you would like to take be even more edgier, book a consult with me. I only take on but so many clients and would love to hear your vision. Get in touch.

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