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The modern customer has multiple alerts flashing on the dashboard, has an entire persona online within their desired community of like-minded folk, and have very specific tastes, wants, desires and need to share.

The modern customer can generate their own designs on Canva, or write their own novel through prompting with LLMs, as well as use online photo repositories to capture beautiful scenery without purchasing a DSLR. This customer now operates as a self-contained agency of sorts; using Youtube, TikTok and other neural networks to dub ideas from, share in debate or form new inspiration.

Who needs a design team when the modern customer can invest in a premium shopify template, link stripe, and use fiverr to advertise.

With all this of the modern customer, how do you, intend to respond as a modern Organization? How will you serve with singularity and breadth of service as well as depth of empathy? Do you need to bankroll an entire marketing Team or entire UX Team anymore when Autodesign and Auto-targeting is here?

What will be your differentiators? How do you maintain a strategy when the digital earth beneath our connections are ever pivoting to new pools of insights?

How will you respond to the modern customer?

Business Use-Cases

But I did this last year and it worked

Just because it worked last year does not mean it will work in subsequent years. Constantly re-test your assumptions with experimentation.

Consider a few components of your business:

  1. Pricing - Is your pricing a fit your your now-users? (Now-users is my term for modern day customers)
  2. Question don't defend - Is your Team full of know it all's whom have not one single App in the app store nor have the experience of having one and all of a sudden their now a VP? No wonder your business units are losing money. You have a team full of defenders with little experience in the wild putting out Products, rendering your Team one lacking curiousity or an environment of Questioning.
  3. Fire Insurance that prevents the fire - The Modern Customer is a risk to solve for, their riddled with risks in fact. Their picky but persistent. Your Architecture had better account for well-trafficked site bursts or even, reducing the blast radius if your new MVP causes bad actors to hack into your software space. Hacks happen. Get lean and put a team in place for solve within this new environment, as last year threats have LEARNED from their punishments and are now sophisticated.

I sell items online

Modern solve, very easy but shocking. If I can buy it on Amazon or Alibaba, why would I buy it from you? Price beats shipping when the economy becomes restrictive in capital and job rates are low. Keep this in mind, if the modern customer can purchase it cheaper, they can, will and should. This is a mindset shift. This is also why I believe whole-heartedly in what Salim Ismail and Peter Diamandis are pioneering with EXO.

AI is taking over

No, the humans operating AI will take your percentage models and increase it by an exponent. Automation is coming. SoD (Staff on Demand) is coming. The modern customer, again, has all of these tools as well. It comes down to passion and actionable tangibles.

Bottom line

The bottom line here is that customers will continue to modernize. As humans, we will decentralize at an accelerated rate. You have a responsibility, as a Leader, to implement autonomy. That is part of AWS own shared responsibility model, where customers are given guidelines on what their responsible for and what AWS, are responsible for. This here is a dance, as Seth Godin often mentions.

Pace, test and experiment. Do not be afraid of getting it wrong; this is the only way to get things into a better place. Be transformative. Be creative. And be brave. Too many SMB, Entrepreneurs and especially Enterprise Leaders can be very fear-driven. Stop doubting yourself. Get a stronger self-image and bring in core components that you lack. Focus on mindset. You must advance. You must deliver. But you must not expect anything in return for it. Doing business, no matter your diversity or inclusivity, your business is not a RIGHT, it is a privilege so do not cheat your way, or complain your way into success. Do things the correct, fun and experimental way.

Lets create a future our grandchildren's grandchildren can be joyful of. Be methodical, be warm and open to the modern customer. After all, we are people first and customers, second.


When you see videos of Salim and Peter vibing and sharing their vision. I absolutely love how their craving to finish each others thoughts, at times, even cutting each other short. This is called PASSION. It is absolutely electrifying. Words cannot express how amped up I am implementing this. 10x as to helping things move up 10x. This is how modern customer solutions will be reached, through joint collaboration and being lean and adaptable.

Here is Salim and Peter talk on EXO:

Surfing the AI Tsunami w/Peter H. Diamandis & Salim Ismail

Peter Diamandis and Salim Ismail on surfing the top of a tsunami instead of being crushed by it.

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