UX and AWS: Helping Apps move at lightning-speed

Secure, highly-available media sharing solution on AWS that prioritizes performance through edge caching

Did you know that a study by Cloudflare showed that a website with a 2 second page load delay had a 103% higher abandonment rate compared to a website with <1 second delay. (Source). As a UX practitioner, I believe in constantly expanding my skills, even if they seem unrelated to my core focus. Working on practical use cases is key for growth. Further. This helps companies like yours, blend UX with modern Architecture solutions such as AWS S3 buckets.

Its all related.

Amazon started by selling products online. But to support their business, they needed flexible solutions to store media securely. So they built their own cloud architecture, which evolved into AWS.

By addressing needs with application, Amazon moved into providing robust cloud services for companies worldwide. They stacked talents in a way that met demand.

I take inspiration from this long-term, solutions-focused approach. As part of my own skills growth, I explored setting up a media sharing architecture on AWS S3 and CloudFront. Though not directly related to UX, learning by doing has value.

Here is how I configured S3 and CloudFront to securely share media content to authorized viewers...

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