Give it a Gulfstream 800 🌄 experience...

Jonny Jackson

Accolades are in order for Gulfstream. Similar to Rolex, I think Gulfstream is one of the finest examples of how to innovate within an industry that can be resistant to shifts, ebbs and flows of creativity.


How your Interface can be like a Gulfstream

Aside from being an innovative dream from tip to tail, here are a few ways, I found, for interfaces to become a cut above the rest.

Streamline Menu options

Make sure your menu options are quick and easy to access. This may require architecture of the taxonomy, conducting tree-testing or conducting an open-card sort as well as a closed-cart sort. Who cares? Well, you should because users having their settings a tap away can be the difference between a new user or an unsatisfied customer.

Bake in natural ai

Do not just add in AI for its trending topical power, but implement ai to help enrich the experience. Consider your user interface as an exclusive invite into Business class, there are knobs, dials, seating, compartments, the works. AI should serve as not only a co-pilot but also a much-needed virtual steward, helping users find their objectives as well as beautifully sharing new features for them to leverage. Remember, this is all to help the user accomplish their goal, not just yours. AI can help you with this.

Constantly experiment

The Team at Gulfstream constantly experiments with new configurations, enhancing existing trajectory patterns and safeguarding new features that is original to their fleet of forward-moving aeronautical vehicles. Similarly, you must also experiment. Always ask, always test, always conduct experiments with people. Get things wrong, fix mistakes, elevate victories and reward loyal users.

Speaking of rewarding users..

Use Rewards in-app to incentivize user loyalty

Sure, fear of missing out is a real thing, but so is risk/rewarding. Your clients took a monetary as well as time-blocked risk in utilizing your interface. Thus, reward your clients with tokens of your appreciation for time spent on your platform. Perhaps this is a random cash gift card for their feedback, or an in-person all-expenses-paid tour of your facilities. Use rewards to connect with your users and watch as their trust for your Team, increases. You invite them into an exclusive club and take the focus to a shared vision, rather than a silo headwind that shifts with each crank of this dynamic economy.


Study Gulfstream and apply their principles to your own interface. How can you innovate? How can you add, as well as reduce and deduce? Have fun and make great interface experiences.

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