“In the morning, I actually look forward to seeing the weather, and I am not ashamed of it...”


WeatherTrend UX and Information Architecture

Reduce weather forecast friction for users who want a simple weather read, as well as keep a pulse on whats trending in that local area.

Customer Pain Points Solved:

1) As a user, I would like a seamless experience for reading the weather--accurately.
2) As a user, I would like to discover brands and content without fussy ads.
3) As a user, I want to know what is happening today in the city by which I gathered weather readback from.

Weathertrend: The Experience

A new, beautiful way to check out local weather along with the citys most happnening Trends and Events.

A Beautiful Forecast.

Let's face it, finding out its gonna rain on our beach day sucks.

With weathertrend, enjoy suggestive trip notifications in not-too far places where the weather is a bit "sunnier" than your local area.


Weathertrend instantly connects you to the hottest events in your neck of the woods. Simply "touch" the #hashtag of the event. The API harmoniously connects to twitter members in your area who are interested in the same event.

Discover New Content

Want to Experiment?

Currently, weathertrend is in beta. This is a {WIP}. Promise you will soon get to enjoy it. Stay tuned!