Hello and welcome. My name is Jonathan and I am a digital designer and user experience strategist. This means I not only design for things to look "beautiful", but also for things to work like a dream for users. It is my philosophy as well as several mentors whom I respect belief that if people cannot use it, then it is designed wrong. Everyday is a learning experience for me in designing products and experiences that are aesthetically sound as well as correctly engineered for convenient and proper use.

Below are case studies from various wonderful bright folks I have had the pleasure of doing collaborative work with; I invite you to browse through.

Bank on Happiness.

Truly a rewarding experience. View an interactive case study as I collaborate with the BRILLIANT award winning agency: Bandujo, and one of the largest banks in the world, Chase.


Weather Gets Social.

An in-development concept for a tablet and mobile app that I imagined which mixes "social" with "native advertising" and local events. I loved designing this Interface.


The Globes.

A conceptual app for the golden globes. Also, within the app, is a possible strategy of native advertising for mobile. (Hint: it is BELOW the fold on a push-menu).


Asia's Largest Bank.

Collabortative wireframe designed for The Bank of Tokyo.
Again, was given a GOLDEN CHANCE to work alongside
Bandujo on this awesome campaign.


PLAY Ball.

An interactive walk-through on designing a banner for the New York Knickerbockers. Yes, I said the entire word. I'm from New York and its always been a dream of mine to do work for my hometeam. Kudos to the agency again for this opportunity! Was fun and highly educational on brand cohesion.

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