The Golden Globes App

User Interface Concept for iOS + Android.

What if I...

..designed the concept for a tablet/mobile app for one of my favortie award shows? From the gold-laden celebrative decors of plush Tinseltown parties, to in-depth candid interviews with famed actors; I knew exactly which features I desired to iterate on my Golden Globe Award application for iOS and Android. I knew that I also wanted to keep the user journey light and fun, but RICH with curated video content exclusive to golden globe app downloaders.

Given the heavy directional mood of the Golden Globes (known to set the temperature for the bit-more eccentric "Oscars"), the color palette, iconography as well as typographic treatment for the Globes needed to be in-sync with the prestige and existing branding skeletals of HFPA.

User Journey

The user journey for the golden globe app

Color Palette


UI Elements

User Interface Elements

A Closer Look

The Golden Globe app concept

Native Ads,
Twitter Snyc.

Users can sync to twitter, view engaging native ads as well as content, within a nifty push menu. Why should ads be plastered just anywhere? No longer. I think this would be a cool way to implement mobile advertisement.

Branded Video,
Custom Icons.

A custom video player with branded scrubber, player control strip as well as handy apsect-ratio sizing and crystal clear play-back.


The Golden Globe app concept
The Golden Globe app concept
The Golden Globe app concept
Vote for The Great Gatsby, ole sport

The best way to discover & explore the Golden Globes

From a purely User Experience directive, this specific section would be the header, instead of the champagne splash hero section. For sake of this concept app, I have chosen to put this section here. This User Interface has been a blast to create.

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Available for the app store soon