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My name is Jonathan and Joncreative is my digital media persona with a key focus on the Total User Experience. And by TOTAL, I mean just that, end to end, concept to product. User Experience is a sciencen and I find no other job/science/profession/groove/art/work in the world as INVIGORATING as reimagining a leaner, smarter User Journey for clients and customers.

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The art of successful Business Design is top-performing USABILITY. I love whitespace and the methodology of Dieter Rams as much as I love strong ROI for my clients and many of Seth Godin's teachings on brand-building. Truly believe that

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Collaborative Secondary Services

Having nearly a decade of experience in a very specific niche will undoubtedly cause you to cross paths with talented professionals. I count Python Developers, Ruby Engineers, PHP Consultants, SEO Experts and Marketing Geniuses as some of my closest peers and Augmented Service Partners. From Cornell University System Admins to Google Engineers, I am highly honored by the support of projects I sometime send their way. At times, I collaborate with these highly respected professionals on specific projects as well as on industry insights.

Past Experience & Client Roll

Have had the highest honor to work with some of the most known Brands in the world, and also have met some of the most driven self-starting Small Biz Entrepeneurs as well. While its important to look back at prior happy paths, I do think my best collaborations are yet ahead of me. Below are the terrific organizations I have had the pleasure of architecting solutions for:

  • Home Depot
  • SDS | Brooklyn
  • Magnify Waywire
  • Bandujo [Agency]
  • Taravella
  • FireGuard Training
  • New York Knicks
  • Paris Observer
  • Google Adwords
  • US Open
  • Chase Bank
  • Bank of Tokyo