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From Concept

To Delivery, with RESULTS. See below

Knicks Gif Banner

More and more companies are populating their digital platforms with highly colorful, intelligently designed banners. So taking things a step further than usual layout and final design for this animated Gif banner, I also programmed it. I used specific keyframe durations and slides. All components used were on spec with Madison Square Garden, Chase as well as the Agency and of course, The New York Knicks.

Aside from typeset and color selection, placement of the Call-To-Action button in the right place was CRITICAL. The point of a banner is to gain impressions/clicks. I try never to undermine this; we need CLICKS.

Animation and Keyframes

Initial design was done in Adobe InDesign.On to the truly fun part: animation and keyframes.

Now, since this is a sort of straight forward animated banner which require no tweens or wildly fun transitions, we decided that Adobe Photoshop would be the best interface to use to program the banners. So thats what I did, giving a specific time interval per slide and for final slide lockup, per clients specifications and requirements.

Knicks Banner creation in Adobe InDesign

Knicks Banner code in Adobe Photoshop
Dribble off to Development Team for final approval and VOILA! Done!
(hint: click and hold ball or touch ball to dribble!)

Working on this project with the Agency was a truly fun and rewarding project.

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