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CASE STUDY - JPMorgan Chase Bank

Truly a remarkable experience working with the Agency
on both User Experience Architecture and Digital Experience design for JP Morgan Chase Co.

From Information Architecture to Branding guidelines and visual hierarchy. Depended upon by millions of Chase Account holders worldwide

Below is an interactive Case Study on working hand-in-hand with an Award-Winning Agency and an Award-Winning Bank.

Colors Matter in Experience Design.

Colors indeed matter, when looking to engineer a warm, friendly progressive User Experience Design for your customers and clients. When Branding your company, idea or product, use a harmonious color palette that your customers and clients will familiarize themselves with. Chase does and are clearly winning the trust (and financial confidence) of millions of customers.




Wrong Hue

Accent Color

Not Color


Good, usable

Way Off

Wrong Purple

Too Pink

Click Me

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Information Architecture

Ideate, Collaborate, Wireframe & User Testing

Initial concepts for landing pages, email alert pages, splash pages and any other digital tactic was, in fact, very analog - whiteboard session with the account executive teams.

From user flows and entrypoint scenarios (is our Chase Account holder in a rush? Should we bold the cta above the fold to command more attention when they are scanning through this experience) to kerning, tracking headers and sub-headers, the experience is engineered to be simple while retaining core business requirements and world-class Userbility and Accessibility.

User Experience

From Concept to Product

Once concept went from whiteboard to paper to Pixel, the next step is deciding the header lockup of mixed icons, which content to call out and key information which required subtle design "oomph" (gradient boxes, arrows or sometimes, custom charts).

Working with the in-house Agency as well as key Chas Branding stakeholders made for a very early taste of Agile Deployment. It is not a mystery why Chae Bank s concsidered one of the most relied on financial institutions in the World. Their team comprises of key members who VALUE the User Experience.

Responsive Design & Total User Immersion

Chase Bank is one of the more rare financial institutions who have successfully assisted their clients with the tools necessary to bank from virtually anywhere. At anytime on nearly any device. Given that notion, it was critical to layout design elements that not only read well on desktops, but also looked equally as pleasing on tablets and mobile devices.

We used Adobe and Colour Contrast Analyzer to ensure we were above board on Passing Colors and precise readability.

Hand off to Development

Know how to Code, even if you do not code

After final layout is approved, I packaged and prepped files to hand off to the talented developers. I always design with the developers in mind, I credit that to my obsession with Sublime Text 2. Also had hands on experience with running development email tests utilizing Litmus, offloading from Assembla and collaborative demo testing with Versions. Initially, I did not do so well with the test coding of the emails as I had to relearn "table-programming" again with Dreamweaver and slicing into Photoshop, as I was so used to box model programing with CSS and in-browser rendering. However, I eventually did learn the skill. I appreciate the development team members at the agency for allowing me to relearn this lost skill.


Landing Pages
Email Service Messages
ATM Screens
Banners & Triplet Ads

Visit Chase

With assets of $2 trillion and operations in more than 60 countries, calling Chase the leader in investment banking would be an understatement. That said, it was truly an honor working on the various digital projects with both the Agency as well as JPMorgan Chase. To view Chase and the exciting work they are up to for their customers, please visit:

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